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Strings Global Sdn. Bhd. was established in 2019 by a group of technology enthusiasts comprising business executives and software engineers that have initiated the first Open Banking Project by TESOBE GmbH within South East Asia.

We have now expanded our product and services in Big Data Analytics focusing on the Investigative Intelligence Platform with Siren, Senzing and Skyhook as our technology partners.

Mission and Vision


Open Banking

Our motivation behind this initiative is to establish an open banking platform and standard in Malaysia which supports international standards and frameworks. Open banking, an initiative that allows third-party service providers to access individual banking data with the customer’s prior consent through open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), is expected to gain more traction within Southeast Asia.


Big Data Analytics

Strings Global Sdn. Bhd. is the local partner for Siren and Senzing in Malaysia to provide an Integrated Investigative Intelligence platform which is flexible and uses a data model to drive the discovery of associated data. We do this by helping our clients find clarity from complexity in dealing with massive disparate data sets that were never intended to be analyzed together. By mastering scale and speed our advanced analytics solutions deliver the actionable insights needed to help our customers detect threat and fraud, protect high value networks and improve the bottom line.




The Open Bank Project empowers financial institutions of all sizes to securely and rapidly enhance their digital offerings by leveraging a set of pre-built banking APIs and a global ecosystem of 3rd party applications and services.



Our big data analytics solution would be able to provide Investigative Grade fusion of knowledge graph, Link Analysis, B.I. Data Search and Analytics as well as real time, full scale, stream monitoring and alerting.

Our Solutions

Quantum Analytics Capabilities

We built this highly-customised solution with a few key value propositions in our use case, which are “speed to insight” and “big data scale”.

Strings Covid-19 Pandemic Analytics

Strings Entity Resolution

Quantum Analytics Platform

Strings Global Sdn. Bhd. is supported by Siren and Senzing as our partner to provide an advanced analytics solution. Quantum advanced analytics deliver actionable insights needed to detect threat and fraud, protect high value and improve the bottom line with 360 degree dashboard capability.

Quantum Analytics Platform

What Do We Offer


Link Analysis

Link analysis allows you to explore the connections in your data. Perform graph database queries, suspicious graph pattern searches and alerts, shortest paths, graph grouping, and graph metrics.


Entity Resolution

Entity resolution is the AI driven ability to recognize that two or more records are very likely to be referring to the same real-world entity (person, company, vehicle, vessel, and so on). Powered by Senzing, wrapped by Siren in a high concurrency, scalable, dockerized API.


Graph Technologies

You can use the full power of Quantum Platform’s relational data analysis to control the expansion of a graph at any step. Finding the shortest and most significant path across connected records on a graph is a typical example of a widely-used investigative graph algorithm.


Machine Learning

Machine learning is made easy. There is no requirement for prior knowledge of, or expertise in, machine learning. The intuitive UI of the new machine-learning plugin makes creating, updating, and activating models a breeze.

Open Banking Project

Strings is supported by the Open Bank Project (OBP) as our partner to provide a proven API platform to banks. Through the use of OBP APIs, we connect financial institutions and Third Party Providers (TPP) to bank ecosystems.

Open Banking Project

What Do We Offer


Open Banking Middleware

Open Banking Middleware: Connecting safe and secure access for banks to an ecosystem of third party apps and services through OBP.


Regulatory Compliance

Our approach is based on PSD2; in order to establish an open banking standard together with the respective regulators and financial institutions within the region of South East Asia. The objective of regulatory compliance is to enable data and payment services collaboration between banks and TPP with consent from their customers in a legally-protected environment.


Open Banking Hackathon

A competitive event that fosters a creative and critical thinking environment via collaborative and intensive computer programming amongst developers that will in future help to improve and innovate the future of fintech.



We provide advisory services in collaboration with our partner (Tesobe) to support regulators, financial institutions, and TPP with their Open Banking initiative.

Location Technology and Intelligence Services

Strings able to provide aggregated and anonymize data to understand foot traffic. By using a geofencing solution, we are able to understand and track movement of a location data from Cell ID, for robust analysis.


SIREN: Introducing Modern Investigative Intelligence


Siren Platform™ introduces Investigative Intelligence: it merges functionalities that were previously disconnected, such as big data dashboards, link analysis, search engines, and operational monitoring. It extends data analysis with unique associative and multi-modal analytic capabilities, finding relationships between data sets that were simply not visible before.

Siren Platform

Solution Overview

Siren Platform is the product suite for investigative intelligence.
The core components of Siren Platform are:


Siren Investigate

Siren Investigate is where dashboards, link analysis, search all come together for Investigative Intelligence analysts. Investigate allows administrators to define a dynamic data model based upon which Investigate can see all the underlying data, no matter in which backend it is stored, as a single, coherent knowledge graph.


Siren Alert

Siren Alert comprises the Siren stack components that generate alerts and reports, based on logic conditions applied to the data, for operational notifications and information. Alerts can be created either in the Siren Alert interface or in Siren Investigate, generating emails, sending PDFs, or calling APIs to execute actions.


Siren Federate

Back-end system, which sits on top of an Elasticsearch cluster that is either shared with other applications or dedicated to Siren. Siren Federate provides enhanced access to Elasticsearch data; it can also connect and federate other back-end systems, such as relational databases, graph databases, web services, and more.

SENZING: The First Real-Time AI for Entity Resolution

Senzing® software uses a unique principle-based approach to entity resolution that eliminates the need for pre-training, tuning or experts. This general-purpose method can be used across a nearly unlimited range of entity types. Senzing software resolves entities, identifies, maintains and manages different types of relationships between entities.

SKYHOOK: Pioneers in Location Technology & Intelligence

Skyhook Wireless, Inc. develops Wi-Fi positioning systems by providing core engine software-only location and cell tower triangulation that renders positioning to various consumer mobile devices and applications. Skyhook’s hybrid positioning system locates devices using Wi-Fi, GPS, and cell signals, ensuring that all devices can be located in all environments.

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